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  • Page Flow Package: Provides an infrastructure that helps you control the sequence of the Web pages that users see as they interact with your application. This package includes:
    • Page Flow Application Block source code (includes XML and WorkFlow Providers).
    • Quickstarts.
    • Guidance Package and its installer with the source code.
    • Documentation in CHM format.
  • Register the Page Flow Guidance Package
Page Flow Package
Download Package
  • E-Commerce Catalog sample application. The “E-Commerce Catalog” is an Web Client Software Factory application intended to:
    • Show recommended practices in incremental Web development.
    • Demonstrate how a WC-SF project can be faced and developed.
    • Demonstrate how Web Client Software Factory assets help to solve common technical challenges.
Documentation | Download Source Code

What is WCSF Contrib?

WCSF Contrib is a community-developed library of extensions to the patterns & practices Web Client Software Factory.
  • If you are building custom tools and extensions and want to share them then WCSF Contrib will get it out to the masses.
  • If you've got a great idea for new extensions than WCSF contrib is the place to find developers ready, willing, and able to make it happen.
  • If you use WCSF within your org, then WCSF contrib is the place to find tools and extensions to add to your arsenal.
  • If you want to connect with others who are pushing the bar on WCSF development, then WCSF is the place to be.
WCSF contrib is about YOU. With your help we can make WCSF Contrib a vibrant resource for WCSF developers world-wide.

If you have any suggestions on additional extensibility points that you think we should provide please email WCSF Feedback

What's in WCSF Contrib? (Currently available only through the Source tab)

The latest release of WCSF Contrib contains the following functionality: See the Documentation index for information on how to use each of these extensions and components.

Note: No release binaries / zips are currently available. To download the contrib projects get the latest change set from the Source Code tab.

Contributing to WCSF Contrib

Would you like to join as a developer of the WCSF Contrib project to share your own extensions or improve the existing codebase? Great! Here is what you need to know

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