How to get the ModuleContainerLocatorservice in wcsf Test project?

Nov 6, 2007 at 9:13 AM
I have tried all the possible ways from my side to get the ModuleContainerLocatorService in Test Module(* i e in my Test Method),
Actually I wanted to create an instance of presenter class which has constructor like..
public DefaultViewPresenter(CreateNew ModuleController controller, ServiceDependency IModuleContainerLocatorService ALocatorService)
this._controller = controller;
this._locatorservice = ALocatorService;

So , I have created the TestMethod like...

CompositionContainer ccTest = new CompositionContainer();
ccTest.InitializeRootContainer(new WCSFBuilder());
ModuleContainerLocatorService mlcsCurrent = new ModuleContainerLocatorService(null);
object oTest = ccTest.BuildNewItem(typeof(DefaultViewPresenter));

But still i am getting servicemissingException when it returns from ModuleController class of main module.
I got in some links about NUnit support, Is it compulsory to use NUnit to solve such problem.

Please reply where I am doing mistake..