Where is the PageFlow MSI file to download?

Aug 18, 2008 at 2:13 AM
I'm trying to locate the file to download and install the Pageflow Guidance Package but I can't find it.

All I found are links to two zip files:
  • wcsfcontrib-14468.zip
  • wcsfcontrib-18372.zip
Neither one has anything that says what to install.

If I'm supposed to build a solution, the one that matches the documentation is buried in the Trunk folder, called "D:\Downloads\ModelViewPresenter\wcsfcontrib-18372\Trunk\src\GuidancePackages\Pageflow\Pageflow Guidance Package (VSTS Tests).sln". 

I have Visual Studio 2005 Standard and Visual Studio 2008 Standard, not Team System.  Is there any way of getting this to work?


King wilder