What "Composite" refers to in CompositeWeb

Sep 17, 2008 at 4:45 PM

I originally posted my question in the WCSF discussion list... I then found some references to a light-weight version of EventBroker under the Contrib project so I am going through this now, but I'd appreciate any opinion or direction on our issue. Thanks:

Could someone elaborate on what "Composite" refers to in CompositeWeb.

Is it the ability to divide the application into independent modules?

Or is it the ability to have many moving parts on one single screen work together?

The reason I am asking this is because we are facing some architectural/design decisions in regard to the later. Here is the business case:

We have a page that contains a bunch of user controls that all work (some of them in synch, some of them independently) on the same business object. My question is what is the best practice to keep those moving parts loosely coupled but work together. To illustrate this with an example - how do we initialize every user control with a reference to the same business object (remember, we are in the MVP world in a web scenario). Or how does a user control notify the others that the business object got changed. Or how does the container (root) view instructs all moving parts to Save the data to the model? Stuff like that.

Working on a project that is a convert from desktop/winforms Smart Client Software Factory, I kinda make a parallel with the EventBroker that's available there and all the nice ways of keeping moving parts somewhat unaware, but working together.