Page-Flow Communication

Feb 23, 2009 at 4:28 PM
Hello Folks,

I have the following situation:

I'm using WCSF to implement this scenario: There are several user processes containing a role selection (for members of multiple roles) up front. My idea was to implement each process as a page flow using the same SelectRole.aspx in all of the flows. Each of the PageFlows knows his own, unique ProcessID which they exhibit via a public property. The presenter managing SelectRole.aspx needs to know the ProcessID to provide its view the role set.
Now the presenter could ask its controller for the ProcessID but this one cannot determine which process the asking presenter is a part see the problem.

Is there any way of communicating a property of the PageFlow down to one of it's Pages without hard wiring it in the Url?

Any pointers highly appreciated :)