possible bug in Add Page Flow Project (WorkFlow Foundation)


Possible bug:
When I add a Page Flow Project to a solution folder, and the name of the project contains a dot (.), then the Finish button is disabled in the recipe wizard.
(I can add PageFlow Projects when the name doesn't contain a dot)
I installed the Page Flow Guidance by doing the following:
  • I downloaded wcsfcontrib-17811
  • I built the PageFlow Guidance Package solution (wcsfcontrib-17811\Trunk\src\GuidancePackages\Pageflow)
  • Then I ran the msi file that got created by the build.
  • I enabled the package through the Guidance Package Manager in Visual Studio.

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u40135 wrote Jun 16, 2008 at 4:37 PM

I would vote that this issue has a greater impact that assigned as it effects the standard naming pattern used through all the documentation and WCSF generated projects.

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